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Dark is Beautiful T-Shirt (Mens)

Image of Dark is Beautiful T-Shirt (Mens)

$20.00 - On Sale

Show your support and wear the Dark is Beautiful T-shirt from Wilbur World Wide. Part of the proceeds go to support the Dark is Beautiful campaign by Women of Worth. This is not just a T-Shirt for 'dark' people to wear but for people of all skin colour so we can start dialogue on this issue found all over the world! Remember Dark is beautiful, Fair is beautiful, You are beautiful! Music video launching January 2016!

Front: Dark is Beautiful Text

Side: Dark is beautiful and Wilbur World Wide logos on side sleeve

Description: Unisex/ Mens : Fruit of the loom- Black Heavy Cotton HD T-Shirt

Unisex Sizes (Mens sizing) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-50)

*available for ladies as well.

** US sizing

Sold Out