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Simple Superstar Movie Blu Ray/ DVD

Image of Simple Superstar Movie Blu Ray/ DVD


Wilbur's first full length feature produced in 2013. Full 1080p HD ad free and over 4 hours of bonus features and behind the scenes.

Please specify if you would like the Blu-Ray or the DVD during check out.

Wilbur Sargunaraj is an ordinary man from rural India with dreams of being a famous musician. While his mundane life calls his talents into question, new friends encourage Wilbur to pursue his dreams. Armed with a unique musical sytle and a love for dance and different cultures, Wilbur travels with his friends through rural India and beyond his native Tamil Nadu. Through heartbreak and joy, Wilbur discovers what success really is and shows that upper class and lower class aren't important. They find beauty in unlikely places, and they address social problems, like class and racism, along the way. The story celebrates the beauty of India, joy in the simple things, and the value of relationships.